CI - 1

Alan Didsbury,  Anne Peart,  Trevor Hipkin,  Vera Peart,  Meg Knox,  Jim Lavery.         Bill Storey and  Peter Barrett in front

C2 - 1

At Glenbrittle on Skye – 1957.   Back row.  Pete ??,  Eric Rayson,  Alan Didsbury,  Jim Lavery, Stan ??.  Front row.  Harry ??,  Bill Storey,  Unknown.

C3 - 1

Back row.  Peter Barrett,  Trevor Hipkin, Jim Lavery,  Bill Storey, Alan Bell, Alan Didsbury.   Front row.  Adrian Gill,  Vera Peart,  Meg Knox,  Anne Peart.

C4 - 1

Alan Didsbury

C5 - 1

In the Lambden Burn on Cheviot 1957.  Bill Storey, Meg Knox,  Jim Lavery, Adrian Gill.

C6 - 1

Brenda Bareham,  Adrian Gill,  Gwen Hindmarsh,  Alan Thomson, Joan Barnes,  Jim Lavery.  Battleshiels Haugh,  July 1957.

j7 - 1

Brenda Bareham,  Alan Thomson,  Meg Knox,  Adrian Gill behind,  Gwen Hindmarsh in front.  Battleshiels Haugh, July 1957.

jim2 - 1

Bill Storey, Peter Barrett, Adrian Gill, Meg Knox, Jim Lavery, Alan Bell, Glenbrittle 1958.

jim3 - 1

Jim Lavery, Bill Storey, Gwen Hindmarsh, Craglough 1957.

jim4 - 1

Eric Rayson, Chamonix, 1959.

jim1 - 1

Alan Bloomfield, Glen Doll, Easter 1957.

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