Alan Didsbury sent me this selection of his old photos from back in the day, really valuable images that I have scanned and presented in this new page.

imageMake no mistake, images from the 1950’s are now HISTORY and this material will be of interest to our descendants, so if YOU have any pics that you would like to share in this way, then click this link to send me an email, or call me on 07770 482 899 to get the process started. The whole thing is quite painless (once you have rummaged the loft that is ) because I do all of the work and you get to approve the finished job before it goes live.  It’s up to you now, but think carefully about it, because your kids will very likely chuck your old photographic memories into the skip, but putting them up on the site will at least save the images for posterity and will provide a storyline for anyone researching those days – and as a double-whammy your old friends can admire your photographic skills. 🙂

Click on images to increase size

MauriceMaurice thought that he was was the bees knees and looked really cool as he swooped down Wooler Common with his enormously long ski poles and Cubco bindings, but from his expression of fear it seems like a collision with a sheep is imminent.


John and Maureen Walker – at Allenheads?


An early ‘C Company’ photo, but can you name them all, especially the guy on the extreme left?  And for an extra point, where was the photo taken?

The focus is a bit blurred on the next two photos, but the whimsical wee smile is all you need to identify Charlie Sharman. We all still miss him.



No Health and Safety rules in those days, although Alan looks anxious as the calf-dozer is unloaded at Langleeford, just prior to a disastrous one-way trip up Cheviot.


Ricky Bareham (complete with NSC badge) sits on the front as the perilous journey starts. Brenda Bareham looks on with Joan and Charlie Sharman, but who is leaning on the gate?


Onward and upward!


The ignominious end – buried in the Cheviot peat


Kestrel with Bill Storey and Alan Bell, but can you identify the other guy?


A youthful Adrian Henry Gill at Crag Lough, although rock climbing with your right leg in plaster is never a good idea; he broke it jumping out of an aeroplane, a very silly idea.


Many thanks to Alan Didsbury for his permission to use his images on the site.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the show and that your nostalgia glands are working overtime, so this is a good time for me to remind you that good ‘craic’ takes more than just one person churning out this stuff in isolation and that this is the time to send me a note about pics that YOU have.

Do it now, while I’m still motivated and still physically able.

Regards, Trevor.

p.s. I can scan slides too!

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