I made several journeys to the island of Islay and over the short stretch of water that divides the island from its northern neighbour Jura.

juramapMy destination was the remote and wonderful bothy nestling in Glengarrisdale Bay. Truly one of the jewels in the crown of Scottish Islands, the northwest coast of Jura is one of the few remaining places in the British Isles where a person can feel the remoteness and isolation of the true wilderness experience.

Jura has some fascinating caves – lots and lots of caves, many with live resident feral goats! A paradise for wildlife and birds, Jura has a large population of red deer and the west coast has wonderful raised shingle beaches, large areas that were originally at sea level but have been elevated as the underlying strata has lifted.

The images that follow have been extracted from a slideshow that illustrated a typical four-day visit.  Just click on the thumbnails to see full size images of this very special place.

Jura 001
Jura 008Jura 012

Jura 016Jura 017Jura 038Jura 039Jura 045Jura 048Jura 049Jura 056

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2 thoughts on “Glengarrisdale Bothy on the Island of Jura

  1. Lovely photos. I went to this bothy in 1999 with my wife and kids. We were there for the total eclipse. Magic. It belonged to Charles Fletcher a super guy but I believe he has now passed away. How do I get permission to stay there again?

  2. Hi Kevin. Thanks! I think that your best plan is to go via the MBA website and look for their local working party leader. Good luck.

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