Dictionary definition of ‘Cateran’

‘A fighter from the Highlands of Scotland’

During my recent ramblings I walked over the top of Cateran Hill, a rather flat and uninteresting spot were it not for the very nice eastern aspect which includes views of Bamburgh Castle and the holy island of Lindisfarne.

ds1-1-1Map extract is  Crown Copyright and courtesy of Ordnance Survey

Our route took us via the ruined farmstead of Blawearie and along the green footpath to the summit of the hill.

After admiring the view for some time we decided to search for the intriguingly named ‘Cateran Hole’, about 200 yards from the summit.

Although we had all been the hill before, none of our group had been to the hole so we had zero knowledge of the location or of any skulduggery perpetrated by the eponymous ‘Caterans’.

Here’s what we found.


The first photo is mine and shows the very steep stone steps into the hole, steps that were much too steep and slippery without ropes and appropriate belays.

I gleaned the following images from the internet (with attributions embedded)


A view from above during drier weather.


Inside view looking back at the entrance, storage shelf on the left.


The entrance is in a hollow which is surrounded by deep heather, so in the days of the caterans a couple of well placed picquets would guarantee a good nights sleep

 Click here to read about the geology of the cave

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